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Hot off the Press

I’m writing this during the June heat-wave, and the heated national cauldron with the Brexit negotiations starting; continued uncertainty following the General Election’s surprise result; reeling from multiple terrorist attacks in Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury mosque; and the awful tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The danger of reflecting on national news is that I’ve no idea what might have occurred between now and Perton Pages landing on your doormat… both nationally, or, just as significantly, in your life. But the matters listed are foremost in my mind, and the minds of those I’ve spoken with recently.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced a whole range of emotions, and yet one of the most overwhelming is our sense of helplessness in the face of these horrors. In church we’ve held times of silence, lit candles, prayed. I’m sure many of us have prayed, often without words, and our on-going prayers are, I believe, vitally important. 

Is there anything practically we can do? Last Saturday I attended a wonderful event as part of the “Great Get Together”, marking the first anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox MP, linking to her foundational belief that, “we have more in common than that which divides us”

We live in a wonderful community in and around Perton, and a positive response is to ensure we play our part in sustaining and building these communities, getting to know our neighbours, recognising that we indeed have more in common than that which divides us. 

This isn’t new! Jesus said, “love your neighbour as you love yourself”. What might it mean for you and me to love our neighbours?

Rev Julia

June 2017