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Hot off the Press

I’m just back after an exhilarating dog walk, enjoying the strong winds, very mild temperatures and the most amazing red sun of the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia. Today, as I write, is also the 30th anniversary of the great storm of 1987.

Like many, I love being by the ocean when it’s wild and windy, but there comes a point where that exhilaration becomes dangerous, and sadly we all know tragic stories of people killed, and homes destroyed in extreme weather.

Jesus tells a story of two men who build houses, houses identical in many ways, but, crucially, with different foundation materials. One was built on solid rock, the other on sand. Storms batter both houses. The inevitable happens, the house built on sand, collapses, whilst the one on rock stands firm despite the battering.

The two houses, Jesus explains, represent two lives; and the story asks what foundations are our lives built on? Are those foundations strong enough that our lives are able to weather whatever storms batter us? Jesus challenges his hearers, saying those who build their lives on his teaching, are like the wise person who built their house on rock.

Jesus taught many things, but at the very heart is the timeless, universal foundation that God loves each person, and invites us to explore this statement of his love for you, and, in time, come to your own response. I believe God does love each one, and that is the foundation on which I am building my life. What about you?

Rev Julia

Nov 2017