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Hot off the Press

Last night Paul and I visited our twin goddaughters for their 3rd Birthday celebrations. It was wonderful and noisy! I was struck by their sheer wonder and joy as they opened presents and cards, enjoying every moment.

This morning as I walked the dogs I was thinking both about last night and what to write for ‘another’ Christmas Perton Pages. I wonder if that’s how it feels for you - here comes ‘another’ Christmas? ‘Another’ Christmas with all the myriad things to get organised and prepared. What happened to the sheer wonder and joy of Christmas which perhaps we enjoyed when we were children? Many of us spend so much energy getting ready for Christmas, that by the time it actually arrives, we’re shattered, collapse in a heap, and miss out on any sense of the joy of the moment.

My challenge to myself this Christmas, and perhaps to you too, is to try and find space at some point in all the busyness to pause, ponder and seek to enjoy even a glimpse of that special, child-like sense of the wonder of Christmas. 

One way you might like to do this is to pop into church - we’re open 10am-3pm weekdays - and enjoy a moment’s peace; or come along to one of the services; and why not drop into Perton’s First Crib Festival (Friday 15th 2-6pm; Saturday 16th 10am-5pm), have a cuppa and wander around looking at different local community groups’ representations of the Christmas story.

We’d love to help provide a moment of wonder this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Rev Julia

December 2017