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Hot off the Press

I’m writing this on a train hurtling towards Leicester and imagining as you read this, there’ll be that annual feeling of hurtling towards.....!!

For many, the next ‘big’ thing is Christmas. How are your preparations? I know some very organised folks who wrote their cards during half-term! 

Whether we’ve given it much thought or not, Christmas will happen(!) - the media piling on the tinselled-covered pressure to do, buy, decorate, bake etc.

But wait... it’s mid November! Before Christmas, comes Advent. Advent isn’t just a count-down, or wind-up, to Christmas - Advent means arrival, and it’s a short, important season in its own right.

Advent’s about waiting and preparing our hearts for an arrival - the arrival of a baby - not about frantic activity!

I confess, I find it hard to make time during advent to wait and prepare my heart for this special arrival - I’m as frantic and list-driven as anyone! 

For me, it’s so helpful there are 3 special evenings at church -just 3 hours out of those 4 weeks - when I will be still, reflect, wait and prepare my heart for the exciting imminent arrival.

I encourage you also to carve out time. Let’s not hurtle so fast towards Christmas that we crash in exhausted heaps! Rather let’s be excited as we greet the new arrival, the new baby, Jesus.

If it might also help you to pause and reflect, please join me and others - Thursdays 6th, 13th & 20th December. 7.30pm.

Rev'd Julia

November 2018