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Hot off the Press

Opposites attract… so ‘they’ say! Paul and I are very different, which includes how we plan holidays! 

I’m a planner - as I type, I’m looking forward to a week off in France. We’re visiting friends in Burgundy with a couple of nights en route. I’ve booked the ferry and accommodation, checked routes, good restaurants and things to see! 

Paul likes spontaneity - recently we escaped overnight for 24 hours. The ‘plan’ was to head west and enjoy the scenery. No plan. No accommodation. No idea where we’d end up… It was great!

We’re all unique: uniquely ‘knit together in our mothers’ wombs’, the Bible says; unique sets of experiences and relationships; unique ways of thinking, being and doing. The same Bible passage says we’re each ‘wonderfully made’. We’re unique; we’re wonderful; we’re loved by God - each of us.

We’ve just finished a course on mental health awareness and faith. It’s been fantastic as two great groups have learnt, discussed and shared personal and often painful stories. We looked at passages from across the Bible, and the overarching theme is that God loves and accepts us just as we are. He makes no demands of us; there are no hoops to jump through - he simply loves us. When we reach out to him, he welcomes and accepts us, just as we are.

This is the heart of the Christian faith, and is summed in Philip Yancy’s words, “There’s nothing we can do to make God love us more; and there’s nothing we can do to make God love us less.” Now that’s good news!

Rev'd Julia

May 2019