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Hot off the Press

Today I’m meeting one of my oldest friends for lunch. Emma and I met 20 years’ ago this August - the summer of 1999! We were both in our mid 20s: I’d just moved to London; bought my first home; started a new job; Emma was one of the first people I met, and she’s been there ever since!

She’s a wonderful woman and, over 20 years of life’s ups and downs, has been a great friend. We were both young, free and single… As life’s adventure’s unfolded, there’ve been family crises, work complexities, the rollercoaster of relationships, and the journeys of our faith. We’ve laughed, and cried, together… I remember sitting in her flat making her wedding favours, and driving her groom to the big day; years later, Emma made 180 cupcakes for our wedding. And now, having adopted two gorgeous girls, they’re travelling another rollercoaster!

I could go on, but I’m sure that paints a picture of a deep friendship. Emma now lives about an hour away and we manage to meet every couple of months to catch-up over lunch.

Real friendship is such a precious gift isn’t it? Having another person who, in the frenzy and confusion of the world, cares for us, is on our side, listens, laughs, challenges, cries, supports… We all need friendship and I sincerely thank God for Emma, and my other friends. 

Jesus said to his disciples, “I call you friends” - I wonder whether you’ve ever considered Jesus as a friend… and all that this means?

Rev'd Julia

June 2019