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Hot off the Press

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea! How frightfully British?! My husband’s just got in from a busy day, with numerous meetings; he’s come home tired, and we’ve had a brew. After tasting the first slurp of a mug of builders’ tea, he uttered the only appropriate thing, ‘ahhhh’! There’s nothing quite like it!

Earlier this year we were in France. We had a wonderful time, enjoying the stunning countryside, wonderful wines, yummy cuisine and great people, however, we forgot the teabags! In much of the rest of the world, despite the delights they have to offer, rarely do you find a decent cup of char!

Paul’s response to a mug of tea reminded me of a conversation I had this morning with the women in our Bible group. One of the tangents we explored(!) was about the importance of counting our blessings. 

Even when life’s difficult there are moments of pleasure and joy. There are moments, possibly as fleeting as a mug of tea, yet which offer respite and a glimpse of light and hope. As one the ladies said earlier, when things are tough, hope is such an incredibly powerful thing.

Count your blessings’ may sound trite, but I believe it’s so good for us to pause long enough to notice those special moments, give thanks, and keep hoping. The Bible offers this wonderfully reassuring image of the hope we can have through faith, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”.

Rev'd Julia

August 2019