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The Last Great Taboo is… death. Many are comfortable discussing just about anything, and yet something which every single one of us will face - death - remains an incredibly awkward subject. 

My wonderful Grandpa, who was nearly 94 years’ old, died recently. Compared to many, he was fortunate in having a, ‘good’ death: his children, most grandchildren and some great-grandchildren, were able to visit him and say their goodbyes. My husband Paul, and I, had the genuine privilege of being the last to visit and, given our shared Christian faith, we prayed for him the ‘last rites’ and anointed him. He died just 4 hours’ later. His death was peaceful and after a long, rich life, it was what he wanted. 

A ‘good’ death and yet it’s raised questions for the rest of us - practical things about Grandpa’s wishes for his funeral, dealing appropriately with his will and estate; as well as much deeper, more searching personal matters about our own beliefs, doubts, and questions about dying and eternity. Big and significant questions for every single one of us to consider.

Talking about death, even using that word ‘death’,  is healthy and important. On Thursday 14th June, 6.30-8pm, The Church At Perton and Compton Care are holding a “Death Cafe”. It would be wonderful to meet you there, as over a cuppa and cake, in small groups around tables, we’ll have the opportunity to consider both the practical and deeper questions about death. If you can’t make the Death Cafe, but would like to talk, please get in touch.

Rev Julia

June 2018

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