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Last year we celebrated Perton’s 40th Birthday, as the first houses became homes in 1976. However, recently we hosted a wonderful evening where historian, Ann Sadler, presented, “The First 600 Years”, covering Perton’s story from 1065-1665 - Perton is rather older than 40! 

Today I had lunch with Rev’d Sheila Finn - a name which will ring bells for those who’ve lived here many years. Sheila was the very first Minister serving Perton, from September 1978 - part of the story of our village.

I met Sheila 9 years’ ago this month, when I moved to Penkridge, to my first post as a Reverend. Sheila was in her late 70s, supposedly retired, and yet was, and still is, a crucial part of the clergy team. Sheila is part of my story, and little did I know then, that I too would serve here. 

6 years’ ago, when I began exploring moving to Perton, Sheila was an invaluable source of information and support. It’s great going to visit her. She always wants to know how Perton’s story is continuing to unfold - how everyone’s doing! Having seen her today, I thought those who’ve lived here many years, would love to know she’s well and continues to ask after Perton.

I think it’s remarkable how stories weave together, like mine and Sheila’s; Sheila’s and Perton’s; mine and Perton’s; mine and yours. We, together, are the current community of Perton, part of Perton’s long story. May we play our part in our community’s life - me as your Vicar, and each of us in whatever ways we can.

Rev Julia

June 2017

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