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When was the last time you had a good sing? In the shower? In the car, Radio 2 at full blast? Belting out “Hi Ho Wolver’ampton!” at the Molineux?!

There’s something wonderful about singing, it lifts our spirits, and when we’re with others, singing acts powerfully to unite people. Some of us think we can’t sing, or sadly, have been told we can’t, but I’d encourage everyone simply to sing. There’s a great Bible verse: “Make a joyful noise to the Lord!” - a joyful noise needn’t even be in tune!

Adults tend not to sing together often, but probably we did when younger. A part of almost all school assemblies is singing - the children in our schools definitely enjoy singing! They also have concerts and create wonderful church services, sharing their singing with parents and grandparents. 

It’s great to hear about the fantastic response to the new Perton Community Choir. I’ve loved being part of community, gospel and church choirs. It’s great to sing together!

Another joy each month is when folks from church visit Perton Manor Care Home. Many whose home it is are elderly and struggle with complex health issues. Often it seems most are oblivious to our presence, and yet when we sing well-loved hymns, it’s so moving - something sparks; long-held memories surface - and we sing together.

Fancy a sing-song? Please come to Community Songs of Praise, Saturday 15th September, 4.30pm, in church, to round off the Perton Village Show. We’d love to sing with you!

Rev Julia

August 2018

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