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Isn’t Perton wonderful?! Paul and I often say how much we love living here - in fact Paul’s said that I must continue serving as Vicar until I retire (around 20 years’ time!) because Perton, and the Vicarage, are so nice! 

The area’s fantastic - with all the amenities of Wolverhampton and Birmingham stretching out from our front door; and the stunning countryside of Staffordshire, Shropshire and into Wales beyond our back garden. What a location!

Perton itself has great facilities, including schools, doctors, shops, pubs, library, parks, lakes, civic centre, oh, and not forgetting, the church! And even more important than all of these is, of course, the residents - The Pertonians! The 11,500 wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds who make up our fantastic community. 

The Bible reports how someone asked Jesus for his advice as to the most important rules for living. Jesus’ reply was twofold: 

    1. to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength; and 

    2. to love our neighbours, as ourselves. 

We’re to love God, love ourselves, and love our neighbours. 

Perton’s a great community, we’re good at loving our neighbours, and that’s something to celebrate! So, please join us for, “A Celebration of Service in the Community” on Sunday 22nd September, 10am at The Church At Perton, as we give thanks for our village, celebrate our community, and pray for our neighbours. 

I wonder what you make of Jesus’ rules for living: to love ourselves, love our neighbours, and love God? 2000 years’ later, they still seem very wise to me.

Rev'd Julia

September 2019


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