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21st March… my Mum’s birthday, and the first day of spring! Mind you, as I write this in mid February, it may be chilly and breezy, but the garden is already a riot of colour - snowdrops, white and ivory hellebores, and a carpet of tiny pink and purple flowers. Spring’s already springing!

By the time you’re reading this and we reach the official first day of spring, the snowdrops will be a distant memory, until next year, and others will have taken their place: daffodils and tulips. 

Jesus said, “Consider how the wild flowers grow.” Do we consider the wild flowers - marvelling at the wonders of creation, how year after year beautiful, intricate flowers blossom and then, die back? This spring, let’s endeavour to pause… to consider the beauty of Perton’s flowers - the bluebells will be back soon!

Do you worry about things? I do! 

Jesus says: flowers are beautiful, they don’t worry about how they look. He says: birds don’t worry about sowing seeds, yet God feeds them. He says: we are even more important to God than birds and flowers. So… don’t worry! He concludes, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” 

We don’t know what’s round the corner, so there’s no point worrying. Instead, let’s fully enjoy the events and people of today; let’s pause and consider the flowers. I know it’s not that simple, we do worry. But this Lent, this Easter, may we pause to consider the flowers, enjoying those moments of peace, seeking to trust that God does loves us and knows what we need, trying not to worry.

Please join us and consider the flowers on Mothering Sunday: 22nd March,10am. 

Please help us dress the special Easter Tree with flowers on Easter Day, 12th April, 10am.

Rev'd Julia

March 2020

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