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How are you? In need of a haircut?! No doubt, like me, really missing seeing family and friends… however, I do hope that you’re well and coping with how daily life is right now. As the weeks of lockdown and social distancing go on and on, for many of us, it feels like our lives have been stripped-back, severely pruned. I know lots of you now have stunning gardens, putting the hours at home to good use. Our garden is, well, natural! But I did prune things earlier in the year and they are now growing again. 

It feels like our lives have been pruned and stripped back… and now we are aching to grow again. My husband is Irish and rather using the term ‘locked-down’, the Irish government and press have spoken of people ‘cocooning’. I really like this choice of word. 

Being locked-down sounds so negative, like being jailed and repressed. It may be describing exactly the same thing, but cocooning conveys something very different - that this is a time to be safe, enclosed, protected, and that a time will come when, like a caterpillar which has cocooned itself, something new and exciting will emerge - a beautiful butterfly! 

Being cocooned isn’t easy either, but there’s a real sense of purpose; that even while being cocooned, things are happening, preparing us for life when we emerge - cocooning is full of hope, there will be something new, life will carry on in a new way. 

I think this image someone posted on social media portrays this so beautifully, “May we got back not to what was, but instead towards what we can become”…. a totally new shoot from the old root of our lives. An image of hope. 

For now, we cocoon, and we wait; and that’s not easy. Waiting never is easy. However, it’s easier to wait when we have a sense of hope for the future. The Christian faith is all about hope; hope for each day and hope that, beyond physical life, we emerge into new eternal life. 

It was very hard for me physically to lock our church building. I would’ve loved for it to be open for all during such a difficult time, but sadly those are the rules. However, the church is about people, not buildings, and it’s been wonderful to ‘see’ lots of you online! As you cocoon and wait, as you prepare for whatever new life emerges, why not use this time to ponder your beliefs. 

Why not checkout what we’re offering (no one will know!):

  • Monday-Friday, 9.45am Daily Prayer - live on The Church At Perton’s facebook page, or anytime later on FaceBook or through the Facebook link on the church’s website: (you don’t need a facebook account to access it)
  • Sunday Worship at 10am accessed in the same ways

If you’re not online, feel free to contact me: 01902 750232. Or why not try phoning the Church of England’s, “Daily Hope” number: 0800 804 8044 - it’s free! When you call, you can choose to listen to hymns, reflections and prayers. Take care as you cocoon and God bless.

Rev'd Julia

May 2020

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