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Has it stopped raining yet?! As I write, in mid October, it feels like it hasn’t stopped for days - making me wonder if we perhaps need an ark!

Last week I had the fun privilege of 6 school/nursery harvest celebrations. With the littlest ones we made a rainbow of colourful fruit, as we thanked God for all the good things we enjoy. I told them a very simplified version of the story of Noah: of the flood and the rainbow, which, given the weather, seemed rather appropriate!

In that story, after the water receded and Noah, his family and the animals disembarked, God put a rainbow in the sky and said to Noah that the rainbow was to serve as a reminder of God’s promise - specifically God’s promise never to flood the entire earth again. 

One thing I take from this ancient tale, is that when I see a rainbow I try to pause and to remember God’s promises. I often bring to mind God’s promise that God loves me, no matter what I do, or don’t do, and that God will never leave me nor forsake me.

November is an important time in the year for remembering - many churches and organisations have Memorial Services to remember those who’ve died; and of course there are Services and Acts of Remembrance in churches and at War Memorials up and down the land. Remembering is so important. 

I wonder which promise of God you might remember when you see a rainbow?

Rev'd Julia

November 2019

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