Hot off the Press

I’m typing this on my old computer, as sadly my lovely new one is broken. Thankfully, being under warranty, it’ll get fixed or replaced, but, it’s going to take a couple of weeks - WEEKS!?! We have a backup, but this old machine isn’t capable of accessing it - how on earth can I cope for two weeks without any of my files?! My confession is, that when I heard this news, I burst into tears.

It made me realise two things: firstly, the terrifying dependence most of us have on technology; and secondly, the underlying level of stress which meant this news was the proverbial straw which broke me to tears. Please don’t worry, I’m fine! But it made me realise again how much we’re all coping with at the moment. The months of lockdown; uncertainties over restrictions; what’s permitted or not; anxiety over our health and that of those we love; lack of connection with others; pressures of home-working, home-schooling, furlough, unemployment etc… It all adds up to a stress time-bomb waiting to explode.

Life is hard for many of us and can feel like a wilderness. This experience of life being tough, bleak, barren, and deeply challenging reminds me of Lent. Lent is when we recall Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, how he coped with everything being taken away, being isolated, tested and challenged. The great thing about Lent, is it ends in Easter! 

Easter is a fantastic, joyful celebration of life - of Jesus’ resurrected life, and the offer of this to each one of us. Our lockdown wilderness will come to an end! There will be joy and celebration! We will enjoy renewed life. In the meantime, be gentle with yourself, and hold onto the good news of Easter, of joyful new life and hope.

Rev'd Julia

March 2021

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