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One of my father-in-law’s sayings is that there are three (not two) certainties in life: death, taxes, and, that if you have a flat roof, it’ll leak! Silly I know, but of course it’s true that there are few certainties in life, other than death.

The precarious nature of life has been brought home to our community this past month with the horrendous and tragic discovery of murder victim, Jomaa Jerrare. Sadly, our headlines are full of loss of life: wars, natural disasters, violence, abuse, accidents… life is fragile; and it’s true that the only certainty we share with every other person, is death.

Many go through life without contemplating how fleeting it is; living as if we’re invincible. As we grow older, facing up to mortality becomes more real. I have the privilege of taking many funerals and supporting families through the raw early days of bereavement. When death occurs, it causes many of us to pause… to ponder the gift of life. 

Life is a gift. Do we respect this gift? Do we treat our own life with respect? Do we treat the lives of others respectfully too? Tragically in many places, life is cheap - it’s not respected, it’s abused, it’s taken. May we pause… and take time to consider the beautiful, fragile gift of life; and choose to honour and respect all lives. 

And, I wonder, what do you believe about life beyond death? Many of us sincerely hope that there is something more ~ ‘heaven’. This is the wonderful hope of the Christian faith: that physical death is not the end; that through placing faith in the teaching, in the life and death, and in the resurrection life, of Jesus, we will cross the threshold of death into life which is so so much more, and never ending ~ the gift of life for eternity. Life here is fragile; death is certain; ongoing life for eternity is the gift offered ~ I wonder whether you might be interested in exploring this gift?

Revd Julia

September 2021

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