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I love the autumn! I love the stunning colours, crisp morning dog walks, the nip in the air, the warmth of the sun. Perhaps I’m a romantic ~ the autumn will probably be soggy and cold! This autumn it’s great to be able to welcome our schools back into church for their harvest celebrations: those wonderful songs about big red combine-harvesters, and fluffy cauliflowers!

The season’s changing, the nights are drawing-in, and there’s a sense that we too want to draw-in, to cocoon against the cold, to reflect. For me, this connects with this time of year when we choose to remember.

There’s the famous words, “remember, remember the 5th of November” - remembering a particular episode from our history. Then, on Sunday 14th November we remember more recent events, as we mark Remembrance Sunday. We will hold our Service of Remembrance at 10am in Church, followed by an Act of Remembrance at the Memorial Stone, beginning around 10.50am. All are welcome, either in the church and/or at the memorial stone, and all we ask is that you be mindful of each other, remembering what we continue to battle right now, and so to wear masks in church.

Another focus for remembering is offered on Sunday 31st October at 4pm when we hold our Annual Memorial Service. This peaceful, reflective, quiet space is open to all. At this time, there’s the opportunity, if you wish, to light a candle in memory of someone who’s died, whether recently or longer ago. If you would like someone’s name read out, please let me know in advance. This year, during this service, we will also remember Jomaa Jerrare, whose tragic murder so shocked our community.

As the season changes, as we draw-in, reflect and remember, I invite you also to reflect on and remember that each of us is loved and precious. For any in need of friendship, connection and support, please consider popping into our Wellbeing Cafe on 21st October, 1.30-3pm in Church. I believe that we are each remembered and loved by God, and as your Vicar, I also remember you in my prayers.

Rev Julia

Oct 2021

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