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By the time you read this, the world will be different again - perhaps you’ve managed to have a haircut, a drink in a pub, or a meal out! These months have been a very strange experience for us all. If you could go back in time, just 4 months, and explain to yourself what life’s been like: many won’t have been outside their homes; queuing to shop; unable to see friends and family; working from home - perhaps furloughed; home-schooling; desperate for hand sanitiser, loo roll and flour; crash courses in Zoom (other platforms are available!)… well, I don’t think you’d believe yourself; I know I wouldn’t!

The easing of lockdown is so welcome. At the same time I urge you please be careful and think through decisions to go out and meet others. Seeing family and friends, leaving Perton(!), is wonderful… and yet, I encourage us to take time to reflect on what we’ve lived through and continue to live with. I’m sure there are good things we’ve learnt about ourselves; that there are ways of life we’ve had to adopt which are actually really wholesome.

We can’t just ‘go back’, and nor should we want to. As we emerge into this new season in our lives and the life of our community, and enjoy discovering what life now looks like, how can we hold on to the good things? How can we shape our days as we go forward? Let’s not loose the surprising gems and lessons of lockdown. One of the Bible verses I come back to time and time again simply says, “choose life”. What does it mean for you to choose life today, this week, this month, as you look to the future? May God bless you as you choose life.

Rev'd Julia

July 2020

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