The Church At Perton



If you've recently got engaged or are planning your wedding - Congratulations!!  
Would you like to get married at The Church At Perton?
If you'd like to chat about the possibility of getting married at the Church At Perton, please do contact Helena Payne, who co-ordinates Weddings, on: and she'd be more than happy to talk about your thoughts and how we might be able to help you.
Are you getting married in church somewhere other than Perton?
Perhaps you, or your fiance, lives on Perton, but you have decided to get married in another church.  If this is the case, that's great, but it's most likely that you will need to have your Banns of Marriage read here at the Church At Perton.  They have to be read out on three consecutive Sundays and afterwards a Banns of Marriage certificate is given to you to take to the Vicar of the church where you're getting married.  The Vicar of the church where you are getting married should explain this to you. 
If you need to have your Banns of Marriage read at the Church At Perton, please contact Helena Payne, who organises Banns being read, on: and she will arrange for you to receive a Banns of Marriage application form - which isn't complicated!  There is a set fee for having your banns read, which will need to be paid when the Banns application form is delivered to you.
Once the form is returned, we will let you know the dates on which your Banns are going to be read.  We would really love it if you are able to come to at least one of the three Sundays when they are being read.  Our Sunday services are at 10am and when we read Banns of Marriage we always include a prayer for the couple, and it would be lovely to meet you and celebrate with you.  However, there is no legal requirement for you to come to the church.  
Wherever you are getting married...
Perton is your local church and you will always be made very welcome!

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